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In May 2018 Steve Brady, fresh from producing and performing in Galactic Trek at the Adelaide Fringe, traveled to Florida to participate in the Tampa International Fringe Festival. Steve attended many shows during the festival. One of which was The Sybil of Mars, a one actor sci fi production about a human resident of Mars journeying to Earth after 2000 years of being cut off from Earth civilisation.

Sybil was performed by Nicol Cabe, producer of Giant Nerd Productions based in Seattle, Washington. After seeing her show Steve and Nicol discussed their mutual nerdhood. He invited her to join him in in visiting the Kennedy Space Center and hopefully to witness the launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Thus a friendship was formed.

The rocket launch was aborted with 55 seconds to go, but launched that day was the idea that Nicol should come to Australia to perform at the Adelaide Fringe. Steve would write a show for him and Nicol to perform in, while Nicol would bring her own new show to perform down under.

Thus Giant Nerd Australia came about, to produce new sci fi themed shows for the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival and beyond! 

Steve Brady

Co-founder, producer, writer, performer, all round nerd.

After many years of wishing that I was out there performing, one day I decided to just do it.

Starting improv training with On The Fly Theatre in Adelaide, I cut my teeth on improv performances around town. I'm now a regular on the Adelaide Improv Scene.

In 2017 I founded improv troupe ImproCity and we debuted Galactic Trek in 2018 Adelaide Fringe to critical and popular acclaim.

Teaming up with Nicol Cabe from Giant Nerd Productions in Seattle, Washington, I am co founder of Giant Nerd Australia.

Our mission, to take sci fi theatre to the world!

L. Nicol Cable

My work creates new worlds, imagines alternative realities, and develops different futures.

I work in two mediums: science fiction / speculative storytelling, and theatre production. I write and perform speculative fiction story-telling shows, direct new plays, and help playwrights develop their work.

First, I am an award-winning solo performer in the medium of science fiction. As a sci-fi writer and storyteller, I travel the country with my speculative writing, which is primarily dystopian. I play characters onstage who live in these worlds, which have collapsed, changed, warped, or evolved through human decisions. When I perform my futuristic writing, I do so under my production company, Giant Nerd Productions.

I am also a director, dramaturg, and writer based in Seattle, where I focus on new, locally-written work. I’ve had the great good fortune to work with innovative Pacific Northwest theatre companies here like Copious Love Productions, Annex Theatre, Live Girls! Theatre, Taproot Theatre Company, and Ear to the Ground. I am an alumna of Director’s Lab West 2014, and a graduate of the University of South Carolina.


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